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muscle car restoration
Car Rust Removal
mopar restoration
1-(937) 526-3655
classic car restoration
We inspect the entire body of the car for rust areas, if rust is found we cut the rust out of the car and weld in new metal. Many shops will putty over rust areas and you still have the problem, it's just covered up and will come back in a short amount of time. 
68 Coronet R/T rusted side panel
side panel replaced and primered
1/4 panels are taken off at factory seams
1/4 panel completed
rust inner fender and cut out floor
wheel house replaced with new floor
left inner fender removed
inner wheel well replaced and coated with por-15
complete floor cut out at factory seams
Floor installed and seam sealed
rocker panel cut out
rocker panel replaced new
back of 30 GMC cab removed
NEW wood work cut and installed back of cab 30 GMC
we fabricated a new rear panel with glass cut
NEW panel nailed back on and finished out in primer
auto restoration
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