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About A1 Auto Restoration LLc
LeRoy Monnin (Grandad) started out in a small town called Russia, Ohio. LeRoy had a wife and 8 children, and ran and operated the only threshing machine in this area at this time. LeRoy was hired by many locals to do all their threshing work. During this time period threshing machines needed a lot of maintenance to keep them running and working correctly. LeRoy found out what hard work and up keep was from this process, Leroy was beginning to get a great reputation for doing this. Soon many of his customers where calling on him for more then just threshing, they needed tractor repair/ and soon to follow automobile repair. LeRoy was working day and night while raising a family of 8 by himself, LeRoy's wife died at a young age from cancer.  Soon, he opened a FORD dealership and the business was growing and growing which led him to hire several employees. The business was growing to large and LeRoy did not want to get that large so he went independent and became Monnin Bodyshop located in Russia, Ohio.  Several of LeRoy's sons where also interested in the business of automobile repair, they went separate ways and opened their owns business's, LeRoy's son Don stayed in Russia, with (granddad) and his daughter June stayed by Grandad's side also.  Monnin Bodyshop consisted of LeRoy, Don and June.  The business ran well for many many years like this and ended up having a great reputation for automobile repair. Leroy became sick in the 90's and passed away. LeRoy's son Don rebuilt with a new business and with his son Steve just on the outside of Russia,. Now Don is teaching the old ways to steve and they are known as A1 Auto Restoration LLc.  The cars and repairs are basically the same now as they where when I worked on them when they was new, says Don. We've worked on these type of cars when they was new, now they call this type of work auto restoration. A1 Auto Restoration is a 3rd generation restoration shop and we plan on staying a while longer. We have lived in the auto repair business since 1938.
There is nothing we can't do to a car. we've been there and back.  If your looking for a restoration shop with the knowledge to get the work done contact us, we'll restore the car for ya. 

The Beginning with LeRoy
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